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It’s not every day your work ends up on the album cover.

So I walk into my office the other day and one of my co-workers says, “Hey did you see the new album from C3 in Sydney?” I said, “Yeah I did, looks cool!” Then it clicked, I remember thinking when I saw it something looked familiar. I pulled it up again and was like “I Think thats a photo I took, looks too close, but still hard to tell.” So I searched for the image I thought it was and held them up side by side. We looked for a solid five minutes, just triple checking and quadruple checking, I didn’t want to take a claim for something that wasn’t mine! I messaged the Creative Director in Sydney and asked how they found the photo.

At first she was afraid I was upset for some reason, but I had already mentioned what an honor it was to have been a part of this, intentionally or not. After some back and forth, I let her know that not only do I have more photos, but I had some footage as well. She could not have been more happy! So I sent everything over and what was at first a chance encounter has quickly become a divine appointment.

I think it’s such a testimony to think a church that started in Sydney decades ago in a small home, has now spread around the world to hundreds of cities around the world, let alone San Diego. Then when they release an album in 2016 and search for internet for artwork of a waterfall, they land on an image they like and it just so happens that photo was taken from someone from within the church family halfway around the world.

It’s hard to call this a coincidence. It’s hard to call anything that anymore.


Michael Ko


Here’s the Original Image:

IMG_4040Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 02.37.32


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On February 23, 2016
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