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June 1, 2013

The C3 Internship from Korus on Vimeo.

We started this year’s C3 Internship Promo¬†with a simple question… “What does it mean to be a disciple?” The 2013 Video we did was more metaphoric and we used words like strength, courage, perseverance etc. and came up with visuals to match. This year we used the former question and tried to translate it into relatable visuals. We thought if people are asking, why don’t we show them. This video gives the viewer a realistic view of the life of a C3 Intern. We depicted the things a Worship Intern, a Creative Intern, a Marketplace Intern and a Pastoral Intern would do, whether it be rehearse, film, get ready for their first job interview or prepare a sermon. Check out the film and head over to for more information

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