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I literally left this wedding in tears. Not just because of the beautiful ceremony, the wonderful speeches, the dancing, although those were all incredible. I was crying because you could literally feel the love and not just Spencer + Raechel’s love for one another, but their love for their family, their friends and most importantly God. Every moment of wedding was preceded by someones willingness to serve someone else and it created such an atmosphere that was so moving and filled with the Holy Spirit. To this day I find myself thinking about this day and how precious it was. I’ve told Spencer and Raechel that because I was so blessed to be able to serve them on their wedding day, that it allowed my wedding day to be so special and so powerful too. You will see it in the photos, but these two people are some of the most kind, genuine and thoughtful people you will ever meet. I can only hope that these photos will serve as a reminder of how good our God is.

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On April 18, 2015

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