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Kayli’s father has a place out in the desert and we honestly just love going out there to relax, get away from the everyday and feel completely stress free. It’s been a great place to get to know each other, have tons of fun, and make memories for a lifetime.

Just before Thanksgiving, we were out at the Desert and Kayli’s dad said “I have some fireworks you know!” Immediately my eyes lit up and I said, “We need to photograph these!” So I grabbed my camera, a tripod and some warm clothes. My eldest Brother in Law and I drove out away from the property and set up shop on top of this hill. The stars were out and the moon lit up the desert sand so well, you could see for miles.

_D5B0084I had had no previous experience shooting fireworks, but all I remember while we were driving was to set up a long exposure, and factor in for the amount of light that was going to come into the camera once it blows up. I set up my tripod and opened up the zoom to 16mm, aimed the camera up¬†thinking I had enough room to fit the whole explosion in the frame. 3…2…1.


Not gonna lie, I was pretty impressed with this for a first try. I might have been just a little too close, luckily we had a bunch more fireworks to keep testing. So I ran a little further back, did the same set up, but left some room at the head just to get the whole firework in frame.

_D5B0082Now I’m starting to get a little hang of it, adjusting lighting, framing and time all made a difference and helped make each shot unique, but what was even greater was the laughter that come out of all of this! If you are newly married and looking for fun things to do with your new family, fireworks are the right move!¬†_D5B0083 _D5B0087 _D5B0091

This is the winning shot from the night! We wanted to do something different and include a human element. We had no idea what this was going to do, but my brother in law was like I’m going to set it off right in front of the Polaris and jump in the bed of it. I yelled across the desert “Alright hang on, I’m going to frame it up properly!” So I got into frame, hit the 2 second timer and we were off! As the firework climbed to the sky, I just had a good feeling about this one. Here is the final product!_D5B0092This is one of my most favorite photos I’ve ever taken, not because its a firework, but its the adventure behind it, the story of two grown men getting all giddy driving out to light fireworks off, the loud boom, the thrill of doing something you’re not quite supposed to. It was at this moment, I realized I couldn’t wait till New Year’s!

I stayed outside for a little bit after to snap a couple pictures of the stars, just waiting for that chance to capture the milky way. I was going to stay out later that night, but I saw some coyote eyes circling around me so that will just wait till next time.

_D5B0097 _D5B0098

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On November 22, 2015

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