Since he was a young dumpling, Michael has always been fascinated by cameras. He comes from a family of photographers, some hobbyists and others professional. He believes the skill to capture isn't necessarily inherited, but it definitely is inspired from generations past. Today, Michael is continually finding himself at the forefront of the industry capturing stories for various brands, musicians and organizations alike.

Michael's style is raw, textured and moving. He strives to look for the tiny unscripted moments which always give life to the story. He is a run and gun filmmaker who puts content above all else and a purist who favors shooting as much in camera as possible before considering post production. Although Michael is most familiar with using Red Cinema Cameras, he is happy to use any available camera to help capture the moment.

When it comes to compiling a story together in post, this is where Michael truly shines. It's the puzzling and uncertainty of it all that intrigues him. Taking seemingly random moments and pairing them together to complete the narrative and deliver high quality, digestible pieces of work that speak directly to audiences from all walks of life.

His portfolio consists of work for brands such as Asics, Musicbed and Helm Boots, to touring around the world and creating content with EDM group Cheat Codes.

Michael currently resides in San Diego with his wife, Kayli and his dog, Gunner.




(858) 922-2008